What is this?

The extreme middle way is the most reasonable way to define my interaction with the world. I like to display how  “Compassion is not always comfortable, and even the most beautiful star will eventually explode in a violent act.”

I myself am compassionate, yet I am far from comfortable. To know me is to know the eternal self, nameless, shapeless, formless, without a desire for outcome or expectation.

Riding the waves of life, can be as exciting as we allow it to be. Finding the space in the between, of each and every moment, is the formlessness where creation occurs. Some call it the fundamental ambiguity, I call it the place between spaces. For me, the place between spaces is illustrated within the stillness of the eye of the hurricane, the spark right before the big bang, the moment of inquiry from thought to answer, somewhere in time, never lost, always where I am.

“Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors”

-African Proverb

I encourage you to explore what information is available, and allow yourself to receive and transmit knowledge with infinite possibilities, and unlimited perspectives, as we share one mind.

“Never owned, never borrowed, never bought, never sold.”

This site, is a space I have created to share the musings I receive as they flow in and out of my being, experiences and teachings that not only serve to expand my awareness, also those which soften and dismantle my perceptions in a most uncomfortable way. Compassion training  from my self to your self and then back again.

Thank you- more to come- stay tuned if you so choose.

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